Sacrifice Bunt: Are You Willing to Sacrifice for Your Team?

Sacrifice Bunt: Are You Willing to Sacrifice for Your Team?

Sacrifice Bunt: Are You Willing to Sacrifice for Your Team? 1920 1080 U.S. Baseball Academy

How to Sacrifice Bunt in Baseball?

The sacrifice bunt is kind of a lost art in today’s game at the higher level, but it’s very important to be able to move runners into a swarm position at the lower level. Half the battle with our younger players today is.. are they willing to sacrifice for their team? Like any other skill in this great game, there’s a fundamental way to do it. Here at the U.S. Baseball Academy, we will teach you techniques to properly execute a sacrifice bunt.

What is Bunting?

Bunting is tapping the ball with the bat while holding it out rather than swinging it. The goal is to hit the ball close to the pitcher or third baseman so that they must field it.

What is a Sacrifice Bunt?

Most frequently, bunting is used as a sacrifice play. This occurs when a player bunts to advance a baserunner from first to second or second to third. The idea behind this strategy is for the baserunner to advance by “sacrificing” the batter by being thrown out at the first base.

How to: Sacrifice Bunt in Baseball

  1. Move up in the box towards the pitcher.
  2. Move in towards the plate.
  3. Start with a normal stance and square up to the pitcher.
  4. Bend on your knees and stay balanced. 
  5. Grip the bat by keeping your bottom hand near the knob of the bat with the top hand pinching the shaft just below the barrel. 
  6. Extends your arms but not locked out.
  7. Use your legs to go up and down the zone.
  8. Let the barrel do the work and bunt it out in fair territory.

In baseball, bunting is regarded as giving the defense an out, so it should only be attempted when there are fewer than two outs. Remember to only bunt when there are runners on base in order to make it simpler for them to score runs, and most importantly, bunt strikes. 

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