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Flamingo Drill

Flamingo Drill

Flamingo Drill 1920 1080 U.S. Baseball Academy

Why are Hitting Drills Important?

Like all other game skills, hitting ought to be taught in a step-by-step progression, starting with the capacity to merely make contact. Hitting can be quite challenging because one minor flaw, a loss of rhythm, or the slightest timing issue will throw off a player’s swing and make hitting difficult. Here at the U.S. Baseball Academy, we will teach you techniques that can help you improve your hitting and help you discover the element of your swing that might be causing you trouble.

What is a Hitting Drill?

Hitting drills are important tools used by coaches to teach their players good hitting habits. Making sure the player’s body is moving correctly and swinging steadily over time will help them develop stronger, more reliable swings and hits.

What is a Flamingo Drill?

There are many different hitting drills, but the flamingo drill is one of the most well-known, particularly among young players in little league. This drill is straightforward but efficient for increasing force and momentum from the backside. Balance is improved, especially in young players, by beginning on one leg, then the back leg, and then striding forward to hit the ball off the tee. The stride forward to the tee opens the hips and begins the swing rotation, teaching them proper swing mechanics.

How to: Flamingo Drill in Baseball

  1. Get into a good stance by lifting your front leg like a flamingo and with your hands back in a good lounge position. 
  2. Make sure your back knees stays inside your back foot.
  3. Fell your weight load into the back leg with the tight core stand balanced and holding that position for couple of seconds before you swing.
  4. It will take a few times to get balanced flamingo but make sure to make that part right first.
  5. Focus on driving the back hip landing front foot and get it into a good power position.
  6. Stand behind the baseball and drive in the back hip through the ball with a strong finish. 
  7. Stay in balance throughout and complete the full rotation of the upper body.

The flamingo drill is a great drill to incorporate into your hitting workout. This drill can be done with a soft toss and front side flips as well. We hope to see you in the U.S. Baseball Academy camp near you. Register today and train with the best coaches in your area!