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Two-Tee Extension Drill

Two-Tee Extension Drill

Two-Tee Extension Drill 1920 1080 U.S. Baseball Academy

What is the Importance of Drill Exercise?

In essence, drills give players the repeated exposure to a skill that is necessary for them to advance through the stages of skill acquisition and eventually reach autonomous skill mastery. Drills are useful tools for coaches to help them identify a player’s strengths and weaknesses. 

What is Two-Tee Extension Drill?

A two-tee drill is a practice used by baseball players in the early stages of learning the game. A quick swing path to the ball can be developed with practice. 

How to: Two-Tee Extension Drill in Baseball?

  1. For this drill, place two tees about a foot apart and at the same height.
  2. Always keep a home plate down as a point of reference. 
  3. Two tees are positioned in a straight line from the pitcher’s rubber through home plate. 
  4. Place the front tee just inside the front foot’s stride to strike the ball. 
  5. Stay in the zone as long as you can and focusing on driving through both balls and keeping hands working forward and through contact extension.
  6. To make this drill effective, you must drive your back hip into the baseball and only hit the back ball.

This exercise entails driving the back ball through the front ball. So, alignment of the two tees is very important. Young hitters today have a tendency to pull off the ball and have what we call “early shorter release”. We want hitters to stay in the zone as long as they can and get an maximum extension out front. 

Function, form, and individuality: it doesn’t matter what your level of experience is or how much money you want to spend. If you want to work on your batting skills, this simple tee drill can help you fine tune your barrel accuracy! If you want to increase your batting average and be able to hit the ball off-field, join USBA’s training camp! We will help you make this drill part of your hitting routine! Register now, and we’ll see you at a U.S. Baseball Academy camp soon!