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Our Fielding & Baserunning Program

Our four or six week fielding program will improve the skills of all infielders and outfielders rotating through drills covering stance, positioning, pre-pitch movements, footwork, anticipation/reaction, proper angles to ball, ground balls, fly balls, backhands, double plays, bunt coverage, cut-off relays, rundowns, bag coverage and communication.

In the baserunning portion of the session, players will learn game-like situations simulating the speed of the game and the importance of taking the extra base. Players will receive instruction on running technique, acceleration, aggressiveness, anticipation, getting out of the box, getting off bag and rounding bases.

Our objective for all skills is to give each player a championship experience and provide useful information teaching proper mechanics, techniques and set up drills for the player to use at home for personal skill development.

This is not a lecture clinic. With a low player-coach ratio, each player gets individualized quality instruction in a small-group atmosphere for 60 or 90 minutes per week.

Parents are welcome to observe, and many youth coaches leave with a valuable list of drills they can incorporate into their own practices. The timing of the program is perfect for preparing young players for the season ahead.

The U.S. Baseball Academy staff is excited for the opportunity to help you player(s) improve their game and achieve your goals!

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